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Founded in 1995, Fuxin Wanda Foundry Group covers an area of ​​172,000 square meters. It specializes in the research, development, production and manufacture of high-end aluminum alloy castings for 20 years. It is a leading enterprise in the high-end cast aluminum housing industry for high-voltage power transmission and transformation. The company is the key high-tech enterprise of the National Torch Program, the latest version of the national standard "GB/T 9438-2013 aluminum alloy castings" and "GB/T 1173-2013 cast aluminum alloy" drafting unit, two consecutive consecutive years in the China casting industry integrated top 100 The enterprise is also the executive director unit of China Foundry Association and the vice chairman unit of Liaoning Foundry Association. In 2010, it was rated as a good faith demonstration enterprise by the provincial government.

The company's products have now formed four series and more than one thousand varieties. They are widely used in power transmission and transformation engineering, military, aerospace and rail transportation. The products have won the Gold Medal of High Quality Castings of China International Foundry Expo for five consecutive times. The company's 800KV tank circuit breaker, which was successfully developed by ABB in the United States, is 4.4 meters long and weighs 1.8 tons. It is the largest, longest and heaviest single-piece cast aluminum product in the industry and has been permanently collected by the China Industrial Museum. The company's products are widely used in the world-famous Three Gorges Project (more than 10 years of safe operation), the world's first UHV (1000KV) transmission and transformation grid - Jindongnan and other well-known power transmission and transformation projects at home and abroad, is the world's first It can supply a large number of 800,000 volt, 1 million volt high-voltage transmission electroformed aluminum casings, and its products are exported to the United States, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Japan and other international markets.

The company is committed to promoting the application of cast aluminum products in various fields around the world, and exerts its manufacturing experience and technical advantages in the aluminum alloy foundry industry to provide first-class cast aluminum products and services to customers around the world.





Wanda Casting Co., Ltd. has reached the international advanced level in the aluminum alloy casting industry, and the product has won the national gold medal for castings for six consecutive times.


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